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A background of writing, editing, sales, and research, blended with a love for entertaining, cooking, and teaching yoga have made me a well-balanced professional. I starting Big Ink in 2005 with my husband as an expansion of our freelance writing careers. Since then, I’ve been able to partner with a wide range of businesses of all sizes to write and edit a variety of tasks. Along the way, I assembled a team of savvy freelance writers to help. 

But you don't have to take my word for it:

“For over a decade Laurie Brekke has provided outstanding contractor service and content to Hayneedle. She has personally overseen the quality of literally hundreds of thousands of product descriptions over the years, and Hayneedle wouldn’t have the stellar reputation for top-notch content without the contribution of Laurie and her company, Big Ink Writing Services.

Laurie has the magical combination of marketing and writing expertise, integrity, creativity, humanity, and efficiency that made her and her company our go-to throughout the years. No matter the season or scope of any project, Laurie has a can-do attitude and an impeccable history of on-time delivery.

At the end of the day, successful businesses win with content that’s crafted by talented, bright people who care about what they create – people like Laurie Brekke.”


Leslie Jeffries

Managing Editor, Hayneedle

It's not just about me. Our team of freelancer writers includes professional copywriters, published authors, professional book editors, educators, poets, and artists, all with a rich and varied background story. This allows us to choose the best writer for your task. Let us help smooth your scale-up or whittle down your creative queue.



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